About Us

I, David, launched this site (http://techtipsandtricks.world.edu) last month, September 18, 2016, in purpose to help beginners like me (before) to learn more about technology. This main topic has many sub-topics, such as computer, mobile & smartphone, desktop and laptop, the Internet and much more.

In this blog, techtipsandtricks.world.edu, I will collect and publish guides, tutorials, step-by-step articles, tips and tricks that related to Technology. I hope these articles will help starters to understand about technology, as well as sub-topics.

I want to make this blog to be a must-visit website whenever you need anything related to technology. For example, if you are facing a serious error on your Windows PC or Mac, you can visit techtipsandtricks.world.edu to look for the best solution to resolve that error.

If you have tips & tricks that want to share with other users on this blog, drop a comment below and I will contact you, for sure.