Should You Buy A Laptop Or A Desktop Computer?

If you are shopping for a new computer, then you have to consider many things when deciding between a laptop or a desktop. Where will you be using your computer? Will it be at home or in your office? Offices tend to prefer desktop computers because they do not want the computers to be moved in the first place. You will also need to know what your budget is before you can decide to buy a laptop or a desktop. There is usually a big price difference between laptop and desktop computers.

As you are looking around for a computer, you want to know some of the main differences between laptops and desktops. The purpose of this article is to highlight the main differences between laptops and desktops. The rest of this article will cover those differences so you are prepared with the knowledge you need when making your decision.

– Desktop computers typically cost much less money than laptop computers. Laptops tend to cost more money than desktops because they are so compact and portable. What you are really paying for here is the convenience. For close to half the price of a laptop, you could get a comparable desktop. If you’re on a tight budget, this will probably be an important factor for you.

– Laptops can be much more difficult to repair and upgrade. Desktop computers, for the most part, are “plug and play.” You just open the desktop up, pop out what isn’t working, and replace it with a new part. I’ve done a lot of upgrades and replacements on my desktop; it’s always very easy. With laptops it’s not always this easy. Many laptops need to be serviced by a professional for repairs and upgrades.

– Desktop computers are far less likely to be stolen, simply due to the fact that they are harder move. Laptops are designed to be light weight and portable, which makes them super easy to steal. In other words, I’m not worried about anyone running off with my huge DELL that I don’t even want to move. This may sound kind of silly and obvious, but it is a very real point to be made. A lot of college kids have their laptops stolen right on campus by someone who just runs by and grabs it.

– Desktop computers have better ventilation, so they are less likely to overheat.

If you need your computer for travel, then obviously a laptop is the way to go. Other than that, though, there are really no benefits to having a laptop over a desktop computer. If anything, it’s other way around. Laptops are small, convenient, and can be taken anywhere… and that’s what you’re paying for when you get one. As far as specs, performance, and maintenance, desktops always give you more for your buck.