What Is Microsoft Windows 10 S And Why Should We Care About It?

Along with all other editions of Windows 10, Microsoft has recently released a new version, called Windows 10 S. So what is this version and when it will be used?

Well! Microsoft released Windows 10 S for low hardware specification notebooks and laptops. It appears that they are trying to make a lightweight version of Windows 10 to beat ChromeOS. The Windows 10 S version will be pre-loaded on those mentioned notebooks and laptops to reduce the retail price.

When users purchase a new laptop or notebook, the price is included the price of Windows 10 license. By releasing Windows 10 S and pre-loaded in those laptops and notebooks, the retail prices will cut down a bit.

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Furthermore, with this modified and optimized Windows 10 version, those laptops and notebooks will run faster with the current hardware. By default, the hardware of those computers isn’t high to save the cost and mark down the price tag. That said, if you try to run the full version of Windows 10 on those PCs, it might run slowly. Fortunately, Microsoft has released this lightweight version of Windows 10 and optimized it for low hardware specifications.

The only downside of Microsoft’s Windows 10 S is that they don’t allow you to install apps from third-party websites. Instead, you need to search for apps on Microsoft’s Windows Store and install to your PCs.

Furthermore, you will not be able to change default web browser, as well as default search engine on those computers. This means the default web browser will be Microsoft’s Edge and the default search engine is Bing.com. You can also use other browsers and search engines, but can’t set them as default. Instead, you will need to open and use them manually.

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 S is an excellent edition and fits for computers that have a low hardware profile. However, if you want to use it, you will need to sacrifice some features that are available in the full version of Windows 10, such as installing apps from outside Windows Store or set the default browser. Obviously, this is a necessary sacrifice when we need to cut down the retail price tag.

What do you think about this new Windows 10 edition? Will you download and use it?