Netgear Wireless Routers Have More Vulnerabilities, Should You Purchase?

Have you heard about the previous vulnerability in some models of Netgear wireless routers which discovered in December 2016? The story is that this security hole was found by a security researcher. He has notified to Netgear but there was no official response to him, even a thank you message from the company.

After that, he published this information along with the security hole publicly. Netgear only confirms the issue after CERT warns users about these wireless routers and marked them as NOT SECURE to use. The affected models are including R8000, R7000 and the R6400 wireless router. In order to fix this issue, Netgear has released a patch, which allows us to download and update the firmware of the routers.

Today, NextPowerUp has released a news that talks about two new security holes in NetGear wireless routers. Based on that information, there were 31 models of routers were affected. However, the company has released the build and patch to fix some of them. There were 19 models have received the patch. The rest models are still in dangerous and need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Netgear wireless router

Netgear wireless routers get more security hole. Image credit:

According to the information, if you want to protect your wireless router from others, turn off remote management. By that, the security hole will temporarily be fixed. However, it’s not a permanent solution. Otherwise, if you need to or have to use remote management, you are in risk because someone with the right tool and a way to attack you, they will be able to retrieve your administrator password of your wireless router.

So, if your router hasn’t fixed yet, you can turn off this feature to protect yourself and your home network from hackers. Otherwise, getting a new best wireless router would be a good choice in case you already think about replace your old router.

Is it a good time to replace your Netgear wireless router with another one from a different brand?