Microsoft releases Windows 10 Cloud version, a competitor of Chrome OS

In the newest build that Microsoft has recently released for Insider Preview users, there was a notable information. According to that information, it seems that Microsoft will bring to us a new version of Windows 10, alongside the Windows 10 for desktop and Windows 10 Mobile. By that, the new and rumored version of Windows 10 will be called the Cloud. The full name of it would be Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud.

At this moment, we don’t know what does the CLOUD word mean. However, this could be compact version of Windows 10, where everything will be stored in the cloud storage and run from there, like Chrome OS. If this is a correct information, then Google’s Chrome OS will have a new competitor, unlike before.

You might haven’t heard about Chrome OS before. However, it’s a very popular compact operating system that comes pre-loaded in Chromebook notebooks. According to the statistic, the number of Chromebook that was sold is greater than the number of Apple’s Mac was sold.

Going further, we found three strange names within the new build of Windows 10, there are:

  • Windows 10 RTM Cloud OEM
  • Windows 10 RTM Cloud Retail
  • Windows 10 RTM CloudN

At this moment, we don’t have any further details on these upcoming versions of Windows 10. However, it seems Microsoft will give us more details on this case soon enough.

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